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Register now for the Sunday, September 4, 2016 Ginseng Hunt .... Call Robert Eidus at 828-649-3536. Just a few spots are available .... Explore a rich Appalachian cove where these plants live. .... Cost: $80 per person. Call Robert Eidus at 828-649-3536 to register. ....

Eagle Feather Farm

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 Eagle Feather Organic Farm
Career Opportunity

Phenomenal Opportunity to Farm in Paradise

Individual or farm couple wanted to sustain/purchase a medicinal organic plant and tree farm. Eagle Feather Organic Farm is a 20-year-old, NCDA-licensed nursery. Experience in organic farming, knowledge of medicinal plants a plus.

Two buildings; rustic housing; rain barrel watering system. $200,000 includes mentoring for 3-5 years. A $50,000 down payment and $25,000 start-up capital required. No smoking. Call Robert at (828) 649-3536 or email

Additional opportunities for interns and apprentices also available.

Our Southern Community presents
Goldenseal and the state of North Carolina today

Robert Eidus, Cory Pine Shane, and Mark Williams join host Ned Ryan Doyle for a look at the medicinal plant, goldenseal, recently de-listed as a threatened plant species by the NC Plant Commission. The history and uses of goldenseal are outlined, the current regional industry and the uncertain future of this remarkable plant are all at stake. Original airdate 1-16-2011.

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