2018 Farm Bill

written by Robert Eidus, March 2019 – The 2018 Farm Bill, or Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, is recent United States legislation that reauthorizes many expenditures from the 2014 Farm…… Read More

Botanical Bandits

Rampant Poaching Threatens Ginseng’s Survival Mountain Xpress, by Jake Frankel, September 3, 2013 www.mountainx.com/article/52426 Jim Corbin trudges up a steep hillside in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park hunting ginseng….… Read More

Ginseng: Species Description

American Ginseng Life History 1. Ginseng is a long-lived herbaceous perennial of the Araliaceae family. The species has a slow growth rate, a long pre-reproductive period (ca. 3–8 years), low…… Read More

Ginseng Speaks

The Permaculture Activist (North America’s leading permaculture periodical), www.permacultureactivist.net   Ginseng Speaks by Robert Eidus Who will speak for the plants The gentle flowers cloistered In quiet meadow and…… Read More

General Frequently Asked Questions

For information on Identifying Ginseng, please Click Here For Ginseng Export Requirements, Click Here American Ginseng Suppliers: Q– I’m interested in growing some American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) and I am…… Read More